Class 2 Switchboard Matting

New Item: Class 2 Switchboard Matting

  • SKU # : SB436
  • List Price : $28.00
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* Proof Tested over entire surface at: 20.000 VAC

* Recommended Maximum use voltage: 17.000 VAC

* Color: Black Only

* Purchase by the Lin.FT  Width: 3 FT

Class 2 Switchboard Matting


  • A specially compounded non-conductive corrugated matting designed to help prevent electric shock around high voltage electrical equipment, such as fuse boxes, and control panels.
  • Meets all optional requirements for Ozone Resistance, and Oil Resistance.
  • Tested to ASTM D178/ANSI J6.7. Certification engraved on back.


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