PrismShield AS1200HAT-SPL Arc Flash Protection Face Shield

PrismShield AS1200HAT-SPL Arc Flash Protection Face Shield

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  • Vendor : Salisbury
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PrismShield™ Features 

  • Full color recognition
  • Anti-scratch
  • Honeywell Salisbury’s exclusive weight Balancing frame
  • Anti-fog
  • Bronze tint




PrismShield AS1200HAT-SPL Arc Flash Protection Face Shield

 Honeywell Salisburys  AS1200HAT-SPL   12 Cal Face Shield

The PrismShield nanoparticle technology allows the full spectrum

of light to be transmitted and observed by the user. Therefore all

colors can be observed and clearly identified with the new Prism

Arc Shields – blues are blue, greens are green.

Compared to the legacy green arc shields from Salisbury, the

PrismShield transmit 25% more wavelengths, making colors

clearer and more visible across the color spectrum. Cutting edge

nanotechnology enhances PrismShield visibility, making colors

stand out and be easily identified from each other.

PrismShield color recognition makes colors visible where they

once were almost indistinguishable. The circles below are common

when testing for color blindness, the superior performance of the

PrismShield is undeniable.

Color recognition testing showed that using the PrismShield gives

the same color perception as not wearing a face shield at all.


Agency Specification ASTM F2178

Standard test method for determining the arc

rating and standard specification for eye or

face protective products.

ANSI Z87.1

Occupational and educational personal eye

and face protection devices.


Standard for electrical safety in the workplace®.

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