Class 4 Split Blanket Kit 1300


Class 4 Split Blanket Kit 1300

  • SKU # : BK1300
  • Vendor : Salisbury
  • Your Price : $242.00
  • 1   #1300 Salcor Split Blanket 36"x36"
  •  Maximum working Voltage 36,000 volts AC
  • 2 # 21 Blanket Pins
  • 1 P2 Blanket Canister 

    Complete With Testing Certification

    Note: All Blankets are Tested By a Nail Certified Testing Lab Before Shipping

    Class 4 Split Blanket Kit 1300

    HIGH QUALITY Insulating Blanket

    Each Kit Contains the following:

    • 1  1300 Salcor Split Blanket 36"x36" ( Maximum working Voltage 36,000 volts AC)
    • 2 # 21 Blanket Pins
    • 1 P2 Blanket Canister

    Salisbury’s Type II Salcor® Blankets are of the high-est quality available today. They will hold their color and flexibility, and will maintain physical properties and di-electric strength,required by ASTM standard, in the field longer than any other blanket on the market.



    The Orange Salcor® is manufactured from a well re-searched blend of prime EPDM, which is naturally resistant to Ozone.

    This blend of Prime EPDM offers superb flexibility; similar to that of a Type I natural rubber blanket. This ensures the Salisbury Type II Salcor® blanket will pass the ASTM D 1048 Ozone Tests both, Method A and Method B.

    Improved! Blanket Pins

    The Salisbury 21 blanket pin is more functional than ever. The new 21 pin has been improved to make it the most versatile pin on the market. Although the 21 pin always opened to accom-modate just about any width needed, it has now been redesigned to open to a full 5 1/2 inches. That's the widest of any standard plastic pin inthe industry. To accommodate application us-ing a hot stick, the ends of the pin have been tapered to fit into the end of any brand clampstick. This allows the same 21 pin to be installed in line with the stick. For applications where a 90 degree angle of application and re-moval is necessary, the time proven HS21 pin fills the bill. Look for the new 21 pin to be sup-plied with your next pin order.

    Blanket pins are made of fiberglass reinforced ny-lon . Most pins have molded rubber tips to increase slip resistance.


    Blanket Canisters are molded in bright orange, hi-impact polyethylene-protect insulating blankets when not in use. A tight-fitting cap is secured tothe canister with polypropylene rope.




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