Class 4 Slotted Blanket


Class 4 Slotted Blanket

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Salcor Rubber

Synthetic Rubber Not effected by ozone

Maximum Working Voltage 36,000 Volts AC

Class 4 Slotted Blanket

Insulating Blankets are perhaps the most versatile protection for electrical workers. They can be used for many conditions such as covering unusual shapes of high voltage equipment or used as a barrier between the electrical worker and hazards next to there working position.

Type ll Blankets are made of synthetic rubber which is not effected by ozone, extremely resistant to electrical breakdown, and stays highly flexible in cold weather conditions
NOTE: Blankets are to be used to protect against accidental contact. They are not intended to give continuous personal protection where there is deliberate contact with energized conductors.

Maximum working voltage 36,000 volts AC

Size: (36"x36")
COLOR: Orange
STYLE: Slotted
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