Class 4 Velcro Blanket


Class 4 Velcro Blanket

  • SKU # : 1830S
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Salcor Rubber

Synthetic Rubber which is not effected by ozone

Maximum Working Voltage 36,000 Volts AC

Class 4 Velcro Blanket

Salisbury Class 4 Insulating Blanket With Velcro

Covering Energized equipment is ease than ever using Salisbury's Zip-On Blankets. There zip on style Features a one inch wide strips of Velcro double stitched to the blanket with Nylon thread, so installation and removal is safe and fast.

Catalog Number : 1830S
Style: Velcro
ASTM Proof Test Voltage: 40,000 Volts AC
Maximum Working Voltage: 36,000 Volts AC
Material: Salcor
Size: 18"x 36"
Color: Orange

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