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Extra large compartments


Heavy duty straps


The Ultimate Backpack.
Everything you need in one convenient lightweight backpack.
The New Salisbury SK BACKPACK is specifically designed to hold virtually everything from tools to full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits.
 Specialized reinforced compartments with flap closures are located on both sides of the pack and include flexible slots designed specifically to keep your hand tools in place. The individual compartments make finding the right tool a snap. The backpack can even be personalized to hold your very own PPE kit - clothing, head and face protection, insulated tool kit, and much more.
 The interior includes extra large compartments to hold voltage detectors or other specialized tools, as well as numerous smaller partitions. There is even a specific area for first aid items.
The rugged SK BACKPACK is manufactured from water resistant reinforced fabric, which is resistant to cuts and abrasion. The adjustable heavy duty straps are wide and padded making it very comfortable to wear regardless of the load. The SK BACKPACK includes an exterior hard hat strap, D-ring’s, and universal snap hook. Even a built-in integrated handle for those on the move.
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